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5 keys to creating a people-centric company culture


Every organization’s individual journey is dependent on the type of culture it thrives on. A people-centric company always scores above a non-people-centric company and there are statistics to prove that.

A survey by McKinsey & Company conducted this year shows that employees who are satisfied with their organization’s flexibility are 2.6x more likely to be happy working for their employer and are 2.1x more likely to recommend working for their employer.

At Covrize, we always consider our employees as our assets. As a people-centric culture company, we always strive to put people at the center of everything we do--sharing of ideas, suggestions, and improvements. We foster an environment of trust, respect, communication, and fairness. We encourage our employees to work independently and yet be able to voice their opinions on important matters of the company. Because we know that a transparent environment, one in which the employees are heard and feel valued, goes a long way in sealing the bonds between employees and the company. Such employees get aligned with the values of the company very easily and continuously work towards achieving its goals.

We will discuss 5 key strategies we are implementing for creating a people-centric culture:

1. Recruit for values, not roles

It’s rare to find people who fulfill every criterion of a job. Even if we find a person with the right skills, he may not have the right values the company stands for. As our company keeps growing in size, it is nearly impossible for the founders to sit in every interview. So we have created a committee of leaders to evaluate a candidate based on his values and whether he will be a cultural fit for the organization. This will ensure that an employee recruited by us is aligned with the same vision that we are driven by.


2. Open communication and joint decision-making

Many companies have a trickle-down approach to functioning where information and decisions are passed down from top management to lower ranks. This may alienate certain employees who are not kept in the loop. This also leads to information being controlled by only a select group of people which leads to a lack of transparency and trust among employees.

At Covrize, we give our employees equal and direct access to every kind of information. Our communication with employees is open, honest, and direct. We always involve our employees in every important decision-making exercise. Whether brainstorming on how to develop the company’s mission statement, ways to improve work-life balance, meeting customer expectations, or project deadlines, our employees are involved at every stage and decisions are taken collectively.


3. Trust your employees

We trust our employees with their decisions even if they are different than ours. We are aware that micromanagement of employees by direct or indirect means never leads to a human-centric culture. We give full freedom to our employees to make mistakes as long as they have a mind-set for learning and improving. When we trust our employees, it boosts their morale and this, in turn, helps in the growth of our company.

4. Set clear expectations

When an employee joins, he requires a minimum period of time to get adjusted to his new role. As an organization, we set clear expectations early on to make sure that we are on the same page with our employees as time progresses. Our structured induction process helps new joiners quickly connect with other teams and understand their roles in a better way. We are thinking on the lines of keeping a 90-day ‘goal setting’ program in which new employees get to know about job-specific and general goals in collaboration with their supervisors. This we will review after 45 days and 90 days respectively for devising a future course of action.


5. Team recognition

We feel proud of our employees and take out time to celebrate their success. Our mantra is—“A company that celebrates together stays together”. It is not only the financial, service, or career-related success that we are talking about, but we even try to celebrate personal milestones of employees—for example, someone won a singing competition, someone just became a father, someone got engaged, etc. These little gestures go a long way in inviting goodwill of employees and keeping the bond alive between us and our employees.



We understand that talent management is an ongoing process. Sometimes we may get it all wrong and sometimes get it right. But our end goal is to have continuous learning and emerge strongly from the wrong decisions made. Covrize, an employee-centric company, will keep on looking for more ways for employee engagement and revel in their success.

Gautam Sharma

A VP of sales and partnership at Covrize, Gautam Sarmah has been in the IT outsourcing industry for 12+ years. In addition to his deep industry knowledge, Gautam helps Covrize create go-to-market strategies and Business Development and Operations. At Covrize, Gautam pursues business opportunities across geographical boundaries.