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How to set up an offshore development center?

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The rapid spread of digital technology is ushering in a new era of outsourcing all across the world. According to the Global Services Location Index (GSLI), India continues to be the most popular outsourcing location for businesses around the world. Outsourcing has always been a part of the business world. Initially, collaborating with a firm and establishing an Offshore Software Development Center in India was intended for the cost-cutting benefits. Hiring offshore experts had a potential to improve productivity and speed time. It allowed companies to market and focus on their core competencies. Benefits of offshore development are unlimited and it can turn out to be a turnkey project, giving limitless opportunities.

Why would you want to create an offshore development center (ODC) for your software project?

You'll get the best of both worlds if you create an ODC for your software project. Simply put, you will be able to complete projects with less risk, lower costs, and more productivity. Most ODCs have in-house technical experts who can assist you in finding innovative solutions for any of your product development solutions and other technological problems. Furthermore, they are up-to-date on the recent development frameworks and coding languages.

It is less expensive, faster, and more effective to set up an ODC in India than to hire an in-house IT team. Taxes, social benefits, and hardware costs are all absent. In addition, the offshore development center may easily scale to suit the needs of the client. It aids the company in minimizing total operational costs, resulting in increased and explosive net earnings. You only need to collaborate effectively with your Skilled Offshore Developers, who already have industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the tools and technologies required.

The offshore development center handles everything, from managing requirements to the development process and tracking to ensure that the team is productive.

Now that we have understood why it’s necessary, let's take a look at the benefits of ODC in India.

Benefits of Offshore Development Centers in India

When it comes to finding a decent location for offshore development, India tops the list. Below are a few of the reasons for this:

Cost-effective rates

The cost of setting up an offshore development center in India is quite low. In other words, your overall operating costs will be lower, allowing you to save a lot of money, because India has a cheap cost of living in comparison to other nations, it makes sense to set up an offshore development center there because salaries won't be heavy on the pockets.

Expert talent pool

In India, there is no scarcity of qualified and skilled software engineers. There are a number of well-known IT centers in India that have a reputation for producing top-tier talent.

Market growth

Offshore development centers are a great method to grow your business. To put it another way, it enables you to increase your sales volume, generate a solid reputation, and project a positive picture of your company, all of which aid you in gaining new clients quickly.

In-demand technology expertise

The latest technology platforms are usually well-understood by a significant number of developers, software testers, and IT professionals. They're also always up to date on the most recent software frameworks and coding languages.

Hassle-free setup

You will have complete freedom in creating your office with the support of an offshore development agency. Today's business owners need flexibility, which an ODC gives. You will have complete control, authority, and access to everything. All you have to do now is convey your requirements! The offshore development center will follow your instructions and put together a team to fulfil your needs.

The Actual Process

Have a clear picture in your mind

Before you choose an ODC to set up a virtual office for your company, make a list of the most important needs. You should have a clear vision and expectations from the ODC at all times. Overall transparency is ensured by sharing a thorough and illustrated image of your prospective product. To connect with the ODC, you should use photographs, graphics, and videos. You may make the software requirements easy to grasp for the ODC in this way.

Identify the skillsets that are required

Professional developers will be ready to work on a single product because they do not want to manage multiple projects. As a result, when establishing an ODC, you should constantly keep the talent's needs in mind. You should also choose the professionals who will conduct certain job functions. It will also assist you in determining the best manner of engagement with the hired remote staff.

Select the most appropriate ODC partner

Finding and identifying a reliable offshore development partner is essential unless you want to go into the ODC setup on your own. You will be able to overcome the obstacles with the assistance of an ODC partner.

Carefully select developers

You will get access to resumes that match your specific IT solutions requirements if you work with an offshore development company. It is critical that you carefully review them and select the most skilled developers. Make sure you ask them a lot of questions so you can obtain a good understanding of their abilities. Share employment tasks and roles with them as well.

Ensure that communication is consistent

When it comes to establishing a successful ODC, keep in mind that consistent communication is crucial. Make sure that all of your stakeholders are aware of your choices. Furthermore, maintaining continual communication can aid you in navigating the bottlenecks that arise at various stages of growth. As a result, make sure you're communicating with the development teams on a regular basis.

After all, establishing an offshore software development services center in India relieves you of the stress of establishing infrastructure, managing people, and dealing with administrative, legal, financial, and other overheads. Apart from that, it enables you to access worldwide capabilities, for building the required software for your business at a reasonable cost.

Think ODC, Think Covrize!

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Gautam Sharma

A VP of sales and partnership at Covrize, Gautam Sarmah has been in the IT outsourcing industry for 12+ years. In addition to his deep industry knowledge, Gautam helps Covrize create go-to-market strategies and Business Development and Operations. At Covrize, Gautam pursues business opportunities across geographical boundaries.