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The Scope of User Interface design

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What are UI design and its scope?

User Interface design or UI design is a process of defining the look, features, feel and interface of a virtual product. A User Interface designer is interested in the topography of a website. UI is a part of the user experience, what the customers see and touch. It communicates the brand, service, or product to the customer.

User Interface design is an integral part of the Software industry because all digital products and services require UI design. UI designers define the flow of information. They are essentially understanding the customer and designing an experience for the customer.

At play, there are various elements that a UI designer needs to take care of, some of these elements being

Content Organisation - The information should be organized so that it is easily understandable to the users.

Functionality - What the user interface looks like, for instance, the brand logo bringing a customer back to its homepage.

Display - The colours, theme, font size and style, graphics, and page design are all in sync. User interface design aims to make the navigation of a digital offering easier for the user. UI design focuses on aesthetic appeal.

A UI designer is limited to the online world, concentrating on the user interface. If a product or service is offered via a website and or an application, then the need for a UI designer arises.

Skills possessed by UI designers

Understanding the importance of design principles- As mentioned above, a UI designer aims to present information in an attractive form. To make this possible, they need to apply principles of colour theory, white space, proportion, balance, alignment, etc.

Organization skills - The goal is to present the necessary information while ensuring that it is easy to understand and systematically placed. For instance- when clicking on a menu icon, the customer expects to get an overview of the brand offerings.

Excellent communication skills - This skill is all the more critical because the very need of UI design is to communicate. Communication is not only done through words but also through the presentation of information. The intention should be to make navigation more accessible and more quickly understandable. They need to know how to clearly, and visually represent to the user what is happening and what the next obvious step would be.

Eye for detail - The job of a UI designer is task-oriented. The position encompasses detailed visual work and adding finishing touches to work done by a UX designer.

Principles on which UI design is built

Various principles help UI designers to serve their users better; a few of these principles are listed below

1. Harmony - There is no better way to enhance the user interface than to ensure that the icons, fonts, and colour schemes are in sync with one another. This reflects the clarity of thought of a UI designer and makes navigation easier for the user.

2. Assistance - For a new user, finding what he is looking for may be challenging, so providing a 'help' or 'may I assist you icon' will be appreciated by the user. The "search" icon is one of the essential features on every website, so do not forget to add it.

3. Practice minimalism - It is crucial to keep unnecessary information at bay; in this way, users can focus on what is important - the brand and its offerings.

4. Provide solutions to errors - It can be a frustrating experience when sudden errors pop up on the screen, and the user does not know how to fix them and restore his settings or features or go back to the previous screen. For instance - if a transaction is being made by the user and the amount is deducted from the user's bank account, but the website only says, "Oops, there was an error," the situation will give rise to panic. Instead, the error should also specify- "the transaction was not successful, but if any amount were deducted from your bank account, it would be refunded within x business days."

The process to make UI designs easier

  • The first step would be to understand the project and the problems it aims to fix. Providing the client with what is required is necessary; they know their users best. But a UI designer can always suggest designs that will make the experience better.

  • It would be a wise step to see how your brand competitors are engaging and simplifying the experiences for their users. Also, you can avoid the mistakes they are making.

  • Designing a rough design draft will ensure that the UI designer understands what is expected of him.

  • Building better by making a concrete prototype with your experience and your client's suggestion will ensure that you are on the same page.

  • Lastly, hand over the approved prototype to the developers to transform your work into reality.

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Urvil Kaswala

Urvil Kaswala is a Solution Architect with over 15 years of professional experience designing and architecting business solutions. Urvil has worked with a variety of well-known companies from all over the world to enhance company performance through data-driven advancement.