Take our cloud computing experts' help for Amazon and Azure Cloud Migration.

As businesses keep changing, opting for cloud makes it easier for businesses to provide faster access of information.

Hire cloud computing experts in India with extensive knowledge and skills to assist you in creating, setting, and optimizing your end-to-end hosting servers on a variety of platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Why should you hire our Cloud Service Team?

Cost and Usage Tracking

WE recognize that account monitoring is a critical component of every organization. WE assist clients in keeping track of their accounts using our exclusive and sophisticated services, which include tracking all company invoices, user access, consumption, and cost breakdown.

Managed services

WE provide a wide range of Cloud oriented services including application configuration, application deployment, monitoring the performance of user requests and ensure they execute smoothly and other activities like data backup, and disaster recovery.

Operations and Reports

WE assist your clients in establishing a customer. They may gather and manage reviews with our assistance and other services. The customer scorecards will assist them in making the best decisions for client satisfaction in optimizing the decision-making process.

Hire Cloud Experts, from COVRIZE

Infrastructure Management in the Cloud

Infrastructure Management is a service provided by Covrize's cloud professionals to assist you to monitor and controlling the quality, output, and security of any of your public cloud infrastructures.

AWS Application Deployment Services

Our team of professionals will combine expertise, quality testing, and assurance to assist you in designing a fresh new cloud infrastructure based on the AWS Architecture from the ground up.

Management of Server and App Solutions

WE offer dependable application administration and monitoring solutions that make it much easier to handle complex yet vital enterprise applications.

Migration of Applications to the Cloud

WE migrate your apps and databases to a new platform, as well as execute code changes, debugging, and performance testing.

Windows Azure Solutions

WE apply our Microsoft Azure experience to assist clients in taking advantage of new cloud features and transitioning to a new app from legacy applications.

Deployment in the Cloud

Hire our cloud development professionals to get your SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) application ready for business.