Hire Business Analyst

Empowering organizations with strategic business analysis.

Business Analysts act as a communication conduit between Stakeholders and Development team

Being the best offshore Business Analyst services provider in India, Covrize offers flexible
models for clients to identify business and technology problems and also find innovative solutions to overcomes obstacles.

Our dedicated team of business analysts can analyse your requirements in different
environments, including a request for proposal (RFP), align project scopes, and re-
engineer processes to meet the business’s objectives

Business Analyst Process – Helping organizations identify flaws and develop solutions

Our experienced team of BAs follows a structured process by gaining an in-depth understanding of business needs by passing it through various stages of evaluations to drive logical, data-driven business solutions.

  • Identify gaps and Opportunities
  • Gather information
  • Analyse information
  • Define the requirements
  • Co-ordinate with different teams
  • Develop a solution
  • Implement the solution
  • Monitor and evaluate
Hire Business Analyst

Business Analyst Services

Industry & Project Research

Our BA conduct research to understand the industry, market, and competitors, as well as the specific project requirements.

Technical Documentation

Get help in documenting the technical requirements, specifications, and architecture of the solution, including data models, system workflows, and user interfaces.

Project Analysis

They can help you analyse and evaluate the project objectives, requirements, and constraints, and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Time & Budget Estimation

Hire our Business Analysts team to estimate the time and cost required to complete the project, taking into account factors such as resources, constraints, and risks.

Requirement Clarification

Bring clarity to the project requirements with our BA communicating with stakeholders, conducting interviews, and gathering feedback for you.

SDLC Analysis

They constantly analyse the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and ensure that the project is following best practices and industry standards.

Information Architecture & Wireframing

Our BA’s can help you design the structure, organization, and flow of information within the system or application being developed, and create wireframes to visualize the user interface.

Develop & Implement Solution

By constantly working with the development team to design, develop, and implement the solution, our BA’s ensure that it meets the project requirements and specifications.

Prototyping & Proof-of-Concept

Build prototypes or proof-of-concept solutions of your business to demonstrate and test the feasibility and functionality of the proposed solution.

Monitor & Evaluate

With Business analysis consulting services you get continuous monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the solution, gather feedback from users, and make recommendations for improvements or modifications as needed.

Why you should hire Business Analyst from Covrize?

5+ Years of Average

Hire business analysts with at least 5 years of experience and knowledge of leading technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

Integrity and

Our process is breach-proof due to the implementation of technology and the signing of an NDA with you, which we follow strictly.

Free, No-Obligation

Thinking about the price? Share your project idea with us and get a no-cost estimation within 24 hours of sharing the project with us.

Hassle-free Project

We have made business management easier for you by providing you with the best resources to manage projects of any given complexity and size.


We regularly report to you about the progress of the project through Skype, email, or phone calls. This allows you to provide us with regular feedback and assure results.

Flexible Engagement

Our business analysts have the knowledge and experience to build quality-driven software solutions on an hourly, full-time, and part-time basis.

Connect with us and let our Business Analyst lead your project to victory.