Smart Teams that deliver Technology solutions with added value.

Covrize has all resources with skills you'll need to complete your team. Hire an offshore development team which is usually made up of a project manager, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and additional jobs that are relevant to each project. A Scrum Master and the client's product owner work together to manage the project.

All of our staff members are fluent in English and have at least seven years of experience in their respective industries. WE exclusively deal with the best IT talent thanks to our thorough selection process Our tech team has rich experience in developing large-sized software products for various industry verticals.

WE have helped many of our clients to:

Bridge skill gaps

WE have a team of full-stack developers having expertise in the mainstream as well as niche technologies.

Reduce resourcing costs

Save on your resourcing costs with our flexible hiring model that allows you to scale up or scale down your projects as per need.

Speed-up project delivery

Hire a cross-functional team of software developers, UI/UX experts, database engineers from us and speed up the deliver timelines of your projects.

Reduce time-to-market

Quickly implement user feedback by incorporating the changes in your software product thus leading to the overall reduction in time-to-market

Focus on core business

Refocus on your core business by freeing up valuable internal resources. Let us handle your technology with best offshore software development services.

Offshore development center

Start a specialized offshore software development center in India to obtain access to world-class technological expertise at an affordable price. Your ODC will function as an extension of your office where the team will be attending daily meetings and reporting directly to your management, proving to be a major competitive advantage for your company

Dedicated offshore development centre | Hire the best team

Why set up an ODC for your company?


When compared to recruiting local people, there is a cost savings of more than 50%, as well as independence from state regulations.

Instant access to diverse areas of expertise:

Get immediate access to a high-quality talent that includes experience in both specialist and traditional technologies.


Flexible engagement terms allow you to quickly scale up or down depending on your company needs.

Savings on infrastructure:

Get cutting-edge IT infrastructure at a low cost and reduce maintenance expenses.

Extend your company's offerings:

Expand your service offering by gaining skills and technology with our team.

R&D wing set up:

Set up specialized teams and zones to investigate how newer technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies may bring value to your product or service portfolio.

Say goodbye to ODC challenges with Covrize

Overlapping time zones:

With us, you can recruit a team that works in your time zone or allow for 3-4 hours of time zone overlap.


If necessary, two-way communication using the most up-to-date audio/video conferencing equipment and/or co-location.


Our unique project management application provides daily work records and automatic progress reports.

Management of a project:

To ensure a short turnaround time, use an agile-driven project management methodology.

Data and IP security:

For added protection, an NDA-protected engagement and the possibility of setting up exclusive access zones (VPNs) are available.

Retention of information:

To ensure that no project information is lost due to attrition, shadow resources are used to keep track of project knowledge.

Say goodbye to ODC challenges with Covrize

A common phenomenon among tech consulting companies, service providers, agencies, and so on is to venture into IT outsourcing as a strategy to save on costs. The challenge is finding a reliable, adaptable, and flexible outsourcing partner that fits pre-existing processes without overlapping them.

In such cases, a possible solution is to adopt a Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) model in software outsourcing. WE, at Covrize, enable our partners to manage and build an outsourced unit.

As a service provider to an organization, WE help set up, optimize, and run an IT or business process service delivery operation to transfer the operation to the organization as a captive center. As soon as the organization is ready to take over and fully operate the entire operation being managed by us, WE hand over the same to them any time after they have made the decision. When the time comes, the entire operation under us is transferred from us to the owner company.

For a BOT to happen, an organization has to undertake a contract with us as an outsourcing partner to help build shared services or offshore delivery centers that it can operate for a set period. After the team is fully adapted to the company’s methodologies, processes, and tools, it can take full control of the team. By this companies can mitigate the risk associated with the start-up stage and strengthen their capabilities slowly in a foreign country.

Our BOT model enables companies to scale up capabilities fast and deliver value from day one. WE work shoulder to shoulder with your teams towards your end goals and operate at maximum efficiency—to transfer capabilities back to you so that you can thrive independently.

Covrize’s BOT consulting team will help your company develop the capabilities needed to control your growth trajectory. Please find the below checklist to help identify whether the Build-Operate-Transfer concept is right for your organization.