Life at Covrize

Our team is the foundation of our organization, and WE visualize everything from an individual's perspective - his needs, desires, goals, ambition, and so on. Because when people are happy, they have the zeal to perform well at work as their goals get aligned with the organization's goals.

WE will be focusing more about how the work can be made more enjoyable and they have a fulfilling experience. While most of the organizations are building their recruitment force to replenish the vanishing team, we will have reasonable focus on Organization development aspects to ensure that we build long lasting workforce continuously contributing to client success which will result in our success. Every Individual will have a clear career path with continuous evaluation and alignment with changing markets and changing human needs.

Work Culture
Collective, WE rise

Each team member is a part of Covrize family. WE believe that when an individual feels special and is valued for his work, he shares the common goal of the organization and works selflessly for its achievement. This is exactly what our motto is - Collective WE rise!

There are more elements to our work culture:

  • WE focus on journey, Destination is Just a Milestone
  • Discipline is important, work is more important
  • WE are partners in Vision, WE are partners in Success
  • Work is important, So is life...
  • Our skills are not unique, Our Methods are
  • Our Team is our ATTITUDE

At Covrize, our value system is based on 6 important pillars


Our association with our employees is based on mutual trust. WE believe that freedom plays a big role in shaping up an employee's persona and his way of functioning. A person who can prioritize his work and yet work in an independent fashion is a true asset to any company.


Transparency is at the heart of our value system where WE try to create an atmosphere of transparency with our employees. A transparent organization tends to be more successful in several areas in terms of increased employee engagement, stronger company culture. Transparency helps the people feel valued and encourages confidence.


WE believe that being humble about achievement, passing due credit to the deserving one, acknowledging people's achievement, accepting and correcting mistakes are great outcomes when people carry enough gratitude in their hearts. WE believe that this is foundation of very strong long-lasting relationship with our team while working with and even after that. WE strongly believe in paying back our dues not only to people but to society, nation, humanity, and environment.


WE respect everyone who contribute their valuable time for us. Our company has diverse work culture in terms of employee ethnicity and background and WE respect the fact.


WE are passionate about our work and try to infuse the same passion in our organization through our work culture. WE provide opportunities for innovation and reward employee participation.


WE encourage everyone at Covrize to speak out their mind--whatever the matter is and however minuscule it is. Any team member can bring to the table whatever he likes/dislikes about the organiztion, work, culture, processes and anything with respect to work and WE are open to adapting relavant changes by discussing, validating and agreeing with everyone.