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With the help of our customized Microsoft Power Automate solutions, you can automate your business processes and increase organizational productivity.

Do you wish to automate your high-volume, repetitive tasks?

WE are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our RPA specialists will work with you to fully utilize Microsoft Power Automate to automate your business processes. You can easily automate any repetitive, time-consuming and high-volume processes with the help of Microsoft Power Automate Platform (formerly known as Microsoft Flow), a cloud-based service. Use Microsoft Power Automate to build customized workflows and streamline all of your company processes. Complete Power Automate solutions, from development to deployment, are what WE offer.

Hire Microsoft Certified Developers today to automate your business.

Power Automate by Microsoft

A cloud-based technology called Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flows, enables clients to create unique automated workflows and automate their business operations. One can synchronize all of the data, files and APIs by connecting various apps and services with Microsoft Power Automate. Power Automate's overarching objectives are to boost work efficiency, streamline company operations and boost effectiveness.

Take data from emails and send it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Robotically Automating Process

Utilize Power Automate's RPA functionality to integrate bespoke bots into your business operations. The RPA system from Power Automate is simple to use, easy to install and very scalable. You may develop both an Attended and an Unattended RPA bot with Power Automate.

Power Automate Desktop

Utilize the Power Automate Desktop tool to streamline your desktop operations and develop workflows. Take the information you may find on websites and record it in Word or Excel documents, for instance. Complex workflows may be handled by Power Automate Desktop and workflows can be created using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Process Advisor

RPA isn't the best option for all business processes, but Microsoft Process Advisor makes it easy to choose the ones that should be automated. The success of the project depends heavily on identifying the RPA procedure. The process advisor provides you with thorough insights into the operations you wish to automate. It can also examine which procedures are repeated, pinpoint time-consuming processes and develop workflows for those processes.

AI Builder

Increase the functionality of bots by combining RPA with AI. By combining automation and intelligence, operations may be made more efficient while also improving customer experience and process optimization. Workflows may readily be enhanced with AI capabilities using intelligent document automation software and pre-built AI solutions.


A connector is a tool that allows communication between different applications. More than 300 pre-built connectors and triggers are available from Power Automate to make it simple for you to design a workflow for your operation. Microsoft provides its users with Standard and Premium Connectors.


Microsoft Power Automate's prebuilt templates are available for a wide range of processes and you may search for templates based on your needs, such as features, data gathering, buttons, events and calendars, among others. Start automating your company activities by using these pre-configured templates.

Hire Dedicated Developers of Microsoft Power Automate RPA

Hire seasoned Microsoft Automate RPA developers from Covrize based on your firm's needs and budget. Our Power Automate specialists provide best-in-class solutions and consistently ensure that a high-quality product is provided.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and professional individuals that have assisted clients in customizing RPA solutions for their organizations.