Projects that demonstrate our adaptability

WE are enthusiastic about what WE do! Our portfolio is a visual representation of our 10+ years in the industry, teamwork, competence, and high-quality results.

Port Solution

A well known comodity trading company required a fleet management system that was based on GIS/GPS. For delivering coal from mines to the port, WE created a port solution to trace a feet of trucks real-time.

Geomatics Application Framework

Covrize IT Solutions envisioned a range of geospatial solutions tailored to specific industries. For Scanpoint Geomatics Limited, WE began developing application verticals and a framework for SGL.

COVID Information Gathering

Covrize IT Solutions has created a web-based system for assessing data on the spread of COVID-19 and tracking patients who have been quarantined shown on a GIS-based map using the website.

Solutions for Mining Industry

Accurate data is required for a successful GIS-based mining application. WE used remote sensing technologies to acquire land use and land cover