Why Outsource QA Testing?

February 17, 2023.


A product’s testing is one of its most important aspects. If it’s not done correctly, the result can be disastrous. It is hard to find your fault, and developers have no exception.

Outsourcing quality assurance testing can come to your rescue in this situation. Apart from saving you money, it ensures that your software is of the correct quality and meets your customers’ expectations.

This article will discuss finding the best Outsource QA Testing Company and the benefits of outsourcing quality assurance testing.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a critical phase of software development, and it’s something that teams should take seriously from the very beginning.

Testing ensures that the software is bug-free and meets the business requirements, and it can also reveal potential problems before they damage or disrupt users’ experience.

There are various types of software testing, including unit testing, integration testing, system verifications (also known as functional tests), performance tests, user experience reviews (UXR), regression testings… the list goes on!

Regular updates must undergo tests against potential issues to keep products safe and reliable throughout their lifecycle.

Testing generally starts during the design phase of a project by checking to make sure functions work as expected and that designs conform to agreed-upon standards. Once features are complete and ready for beta or production launch phases, further verification is conducted using automated tools such as load and stress tests.

Bottom line: If your product is successful – whether online or offline – you still need quality software testing at its core!

Importance of software testing and quality assurance

A successful software product requires QA testing to ensure that all features and functions work as intended. Test failures can cause users to experience glitches or other malfunctions leading to lower conversion.

Without hiring an offshore QA team, a project can encounter significant problems later on down the road. And, of course, this negative impact will ultimately have an adverse financial impact on the business.

QA testers are essential for projects of all sizes and industries – from small businesses with limited resources to multinational corporations with extensive development teams.

It allows developers and stakeholders to identify issues early in the development process, allowing them to be fixed before they become costly or time-consuming.

Besides, rigorous QA testing helps minimize potential legal liabilities arising from defective products or malicious software applications.

The most important thing is to establish clear goals for each stage of the testing cycle and then assign specific tasks accordingly! By tightly controlling every step of the testing process, you’ll help ensure that your project reaches its objectives successfully.

4 Reasons Why Hire an offshore QA team?

QA outsourcing is great for griping up your testing capabilities without hiring QA testers on the payroll. Not only will you save on your salary but will also multiply your benefits. You will also get access to top-tier testers from around the world who are experienced in different software development frameworks and test methodologies.

This means that your QA team will be able to quickly identify any issues with your products or services and make necessary changes before they reach the customer’s hands.

Moreover, by outsourcing your QA process, you can free up valuable time for other tasks within your business. You won’t waste hours tracking down bugs already fixed or waiting on slow tests when another project demands your attention.

And since quality assurance is integral to any successful business, outsourcing allows you to maintain high standards while still meeting project deadlines. Here are some benefits of hiring an offshore QA team.
Benefits of hiring an Offshore QA team

1) Reduced Cost

QA testing can be a costly affair, especially if you have to hire in-house testers. There are several offshore QA teams to hire that will provide quality service at a much lower cost than having an in-house team.

Outsourcing this process can help reduce the cost of testing and also free up your time for more important tasks. Plus, by outsourcing QA testing, you can focus on other aspects of your business that would otherwise get neglected due to the extra workload involved in running tests autonomously.

2) Greater Speed and Flexibility

Outsourcing QA testing is a great way to speed up the process and get high-quality products to your customers faster. By outsourcing this vital task to a qualified QA outsourcing company, you can ensure quality results that meet your expectations and requirements.

You will benefit from having an experienced team of testers on your side regardless of whether your business needs to develop new products or expand into new markets.

Furthermore, by freeing up resources for other business areas, outsourcing QA testing will help you save time and money in the long run.

3) Higher Accountability and Transparency

Outsourcing quality assurance testing adds much-needed accountability and transparency to your business. As an outside source conducts the tests, tracking their progress and ensuring they meet your high standards becomes much easier.

Moreover, since test results are always clear, there’s no room for confusion or miscommunication. In addition, outsourcing QA testing services eliminates the need for you to spend time on this task yourself – saving you valuable time and resources.

4) Highly Skilled and Experienced QA Team

Quality assurance testing is essential for any business – no exceptions. However, with the pressures of growing a business by the day, finding the time and skilled resources necessary to do quality assurance testing in-house can be difficult.

The post-Covid world has gone remote, and Outsourcing your QA to an experienced and skilled provider can solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

6 things to consider while hiring an outsourced QA testing company

When it comes to hiring an outsourcing QA testing company, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

As the first step, make sure that you select a company that has experience working with your kind of product or service and working with that specific type of product.

Second, ensure that the company you select is experienced in test management and reporting.

Third, communicate extensively with your chosen outsourced QA testing company throughout the process so that all expectations are clear and all questions have quick answers.

You should budget for the entire process up front, from recruiting to evaluating. This will allow you to see exactly what you will spend and what benefits you will gain.

Here are 6 points to consider before hiring a QA team.

Things to consider before hiring an offshore QA team

1) Ensure they are equipped to handle technical project requirements

When outsourcing your QA testing, you need to ensure that the company you choose is equipped to handle the various requirements of a technical project.

This includes ensuring that they have experience with QA testing and are familiar with manual and automated testing tools like Selenium, and Katalon Studio, and API testing tools like Postman.

Technology-based projects require QA testing, no matter what. Having a team of qualified testers working alongside your developers during development can reduce risk significantly and save time overall.

It ensures that all components of a product or system work together as expected. Furthermore, it helps identify any issues early on in development.

Make sure that whoever you select for outsourced QA testing meets these key criteria:

  • They should have experience conducting quality assurance tests for software products or systems.
  • They should be familiar with top front-end and back-end programming languages and tools like Selenium, Katalon Studio, and API testing tool like Postman.

2) Reputation and quality standards

Before awarding a contract to a testing company, it is crucial to evaluate its quality. It would be best to look for one that offers cost-effective services, meets your deadlines, and has industry-standard testing procedures.

Furthermore, ensure the QA testing company you choose enjoys a good reputation in the industry. You should talk to their clients and ask for honest feedback.

3) Get a company that specializes in your industry

When you’re testing a new product or service, you may find that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as how to test a new product or service depends on your organization’s specific needs.

However, many businesses prefer to outsource their software testing measures to an industry-specific QA software testing outsourcing company.

An excellent example of an industry-specific QA software testing outsourcing company is Agile Testing Services in, e.g., the finance domain. Such companies specialize in helping businesses design and implement adequate quality assurance (QA) programs for modern fintech web applications.

Their team of experienced testers has extensive knowledge of the banking industry and testing frameworks, which makes them well-equipped to identify and fix defects.

In addition, they have experience working with both manual and automated tests, so they can cover all the bases to ensure that your products are reliable and bug-free.

4) Fees for QA Testing

Every business relies on finance, and you need to ensure you are paying the right price. You must do your research to determine the cost and hourly rate.

It’s also necessary to ensure that your chosen company has a good reputation and experiences quality assurance testing. Most companies followed a process of screening 3 vendors and selecting the best one.

5) Communication

Between the organization and its outsourced partner, there must be a high level of transparency and clear communication. Make sure the latter can respond to any changes quickly, work at your pace, and communicate information the way you want.

Ask if they plan to assign the work to one of their employees/teams or if they plan to assign it to a subcontractor. This happens a lot when outsourcing work. As long as the quality isn’t compromised, this shouldn’t be an issue, but make sure you communicate clearly before finalizing any outsourcing company. If these sorts of problems arise later, it can be uncomfortable for both parties.

The outsourcing partner may be unable to comprehend your product requirements, generate inaccurate bug reports, delay the testing process, and ultimately deliver an unsatisfactory result if communication is lacking. Therefore, it is essential to have such coordination that helps speed up the testing process and keeps everything intact.

6) NDA and IP Protection

When putting so much money on the line, you want to ensure that the company you select has strict policies and procedures regarding confidentiality agreements (NDAs) and intellectual property protection.

An NDA is an agreement between two parties – typically a business and its outsourced QA testing company – that restricts what information can be shared between them.

The goal of an NDA is to protect both sides’ interests by preventing confidential information from being leaked or stolen. NDAs are often used when testing new software or products because it’s essential for the tester not to reveal any design details prematurely.

IP protection refers to measures taken by a business to safeguard its intellectual property assets. IP includes everything from trade secrets to patent rights, so ensuring that your QA testing company takes proper precautions is essential for preserving your valuable assets.

Without appropriate IP protection, thieves could steal your designs, recipes, code snippets- anything with value! All businesses should take steps such as registering trademarks and patents online and using licensing agreements when dealing with third parties.


Testing software is a necessary process that helps ensure the quality of the software. It is essential for the success of any software project, as it helps to identify and fix any defects before they cause any damage.

When compared with in-house labor, outsourced services are more cost-effective, dependable, and efficient at delivering high-quality products.

At Covrize, we are committed to providing services for every stage of the software development life cycle. Our experts use advanced tools and techniques such as automated tests, web application security scanners, and white box testing to execute the assignment. Get in touch with us for any QA needs!

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