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Power BI | Database Development | Data Visualization | ETL/EST/SSIS

What Data Engineering Solutions you are looking for?

Empower your Data to Dashboard journey with our Expertise. 

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Clean, structure, and enhance raw data for analysis.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Extract insights and trends from your data.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Create clear and compelling visual representations of your data.

Our Data Engineering Services

Database Design and Data Modeling

We design a robust blueprint for your database, ensuring optimal structure, relationships, and constraints to support efficient data management and retrieval in your custom software solutions.

Database Development

Our expert developers bring your database design to life by implementing tables, views, stored procedures, and triggers, providing a reliable backend for your software applications.


We establish seamless data flow with effective Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes, ensuring data integration from various sources into your database, enhanced by SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Performance Tuning and Optimization

We conduct thorough assessments and implement optimizations, fine-tuning queries, indexing strategies, and other performance-enhancing techniques to ensure your databases operate at peak efficiency.

Database Administration

Our Database Administration service takes care of routine tasks like backups, updates, and security patches, ensuring the ongoing health and maintenance of your database systems.

Power BI

Leveraging Power BI, we connect to your databases, transforming raw data into insightful visualizations and dashboards, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing overall business intelligence.

Tech Stack we use as a Database Management Company

MS SQL Server

Meet The Expert Driving The Force Of Data Engineering At Covrize

Naimish Ravrani

Naimish Ravrani

Naimesh Ravrani is our data engineering expert with over 10 years of experience in database solutions, data analysis, and the development of bespoke solutions for multiple industries.

Tech Capability

  • Delivered efficient, scalable, and secure database solutions
  • Have a deep understanding of RDBMS, design, modeling, and integration
  • Proficient in Relational and NoSQL databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Expert in SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, and views
  • Experienced in Optimizing database queries to resolve performance issues.

Client-Centric Solutions Made by our Expert Database Developers

Azure Data Factory Integration for MSSQL Update from PostgreSQL

Azure Data Factory Integration for MSSQL Update from PostgreSQL


Religious Facility Management

What we did

Established a data integration framework using Azure Data Factory to update a Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) data warehouse.

Results Achieved

The solution efficiently synchronized the data from a PostgreSQL transactional database, providing organizations with a common architecture to separate transactional and analytical workloads.

Unified Power BI Reporting for Multi-Source Data

Unified Power BI Reporting for Multi-Source Data



What we did

Developed a Power BI reporting solution to consolidate employee data, payroll information, biometric attendance records, project planning data, Azure DevOps metrics, and CRM details into a unified dashboard. 

Results Achieved

Employing ETL processes via API and Power Automate, decision-makers gained comprehensive insights from a single data source, addressing the need for a unified view across disparate systems.

Seamless Data Migration from Oracle to SQL Server

Seamless Data Migration from Oracle to SQL Server



What we did

Facilitated a smooth transition from Oracle to SQL Server for a leading enterprise by leveraging SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). Implemented data chunking and parallelization techniques to address concerns related to data scale. 

Results Achieved

Fine-tuned SQL Server settings and configurations ensured optimal performance post-migration, providing enhanced data management capabilities. 

SSRS to Power BI Transition for Settlement Planning

SSRS to Power BI Transition for Settlement Planning



What we did

Transitioned reporting from SSRS to Power BI for a settlement planning company, creating distinct reports, including KPI and Finance dashboards. 

Results Achieved

The solution provided a more dynamic and insightful reporting experience compared to traditional SSRS reports, catering to the evolving reporting needs of the client.

Let's Discuss Your Database Development Needs

    Our approach to delivering custom database solutions

    Values are what we live by, and efficient work processes are what we imbibe to make our deliveries better. 

    While we draft a solution for you, we ensure it benefits you to take a step ahead towards your goals. By integrating concrete concepts like the OKR Model into our operational cycle, we strive to provide exceptional customer experience along with on-time delivery.

    Find the Values that define us

    Explore Our Work Methodology


    How do you manage projects with large data sets?

    We have a dedicated team with extensive experience in handling projects with large data sets, ensuring optimized workflows, scalable architecture, and efficient performance.

    How can you manage the project with a small team?

    Our agility allows us to adapt. While our skilled core team is experienced in databases, we can onboard additional developers with similar experience as needed, ensuring effective project delivery.

    If I have existing software, will you be able to customize it?

    Yes, the senior members of our team have extensive experience developing and customizing database solutions for various industries and can understand different scenarios related to databases to develop custom logic for your software.

    Can you combine data sets from different sources?

    Yes, our data engineering services include expertise in combining and integrating data sets from various sources for comprehensive analysis and presenting the analysed data in a visual dashboard.

    How do you ensure data security and privacy?

    We implement robust security measures, including access controls, encryption, and authentication, to safeguard data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

    How do you address database performance issues?

    Our team employs query optimization, index creation, and caching mechanisms to enhance database performance, ensuring efficient data retrieval and system responsiveness.

    Can you integrate databases with cloud services?

    Yes, we specialize in integrating databases with cloud services, providing scalability, flexibility, and accessibility in a cloud-based environment.

    What measures do you take for data quality and integrity?

    We enforce data integrity constraints and implement validation checks to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and adherence to predefined quality standards.


    • Bachelor’s/Diploma degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, or a related field (preferred). 
    • Showcase a strong portfolio of creative work. 
    • Proficiency with graphics editing tools (e.g., Adobe Package). 
    • Working proficiency with design software (e.g., InVision, Figma) is an added advantage. 
    • Basics of Video Editing Tools are an added advantage. 
    • Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.). 
    • Strong understanding of design principles, color theory, typography, and layout design. 
    • Understanding of Marketing and Sales Design Flavour and Digital Marketing. 
    • Attention to detail, creativity, and the ability to think critically to solve design challenges. 
    • Responsible for all aspects of graphic design, from planning illustrations or infographics to managing marketing materials (Social Media Posts, brochures, pamphlets, brand guides, logos). 
    • Understanding and conceptualizing visuals based on requirements. 
    • Can work with copywriters, creative teams, and web designers. 
    • Knowledge of image optimization and ability to test graphics across various media/platforms. 

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