Individual efforts can bring excellence, but only collective efforts can deliver

Our Journey so far

Covrize was born from the visionary roots of our leaders, with profound experience and a purpose: to make its mark as a software development company.

Since then, Covrize has emerged as a trusted name, earning recognition as an emerging software development and IT outsourcing company in India.

WE take pride in expanding our team and clientele in 5 different geographies in a very short period with some transformative projects in E-governance, Logistics, CMS, Ecommerce, Print, and Analytics.

Our unwavering commitment to overcoming complex technical challenges has allowed us to build trust among a wide range of clients, from esteemed corporations to agile start-ups.

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, our dedication remains strong.

We are determined to deliver exceptional services to our valued clients while continuously exploring new possibilities to enhance our capabilities.

From our humble beginnings to where we stand today, our voyage has been marked by resilience, overcoming obstacles, and leaving behind a trail of meaningful accomplishments.

Our Group Companies

Covrize is an IT services company that provides innovative solutions to clients around the world.

With our sister companies – SGL & BLACKSTON, we have been working efficaciously as one big team to offer better services and ensure an environment that encourages innovation and creativity in our respective domains. We are committed to maintaining high integrity and professionalism in all aspects of our business.


SGL provides end-to-end geomatics solutions and has a product development partnership with ISRO. It is a leader in the geomatics industry and aims to be the pioneer in the geospatial domain through its indigenous and proprietary IGIS software.


Blackston is currently in the business of importing high-quality coal from Indonesia and is bridging the gaps in the energy requirements of many industries across Gujarat and other Indian States.

Blackstone is rapidly expanding its capacity to meet demand, and it sees a future in other commodities where there is a huge availability gap for affordable quality.

Covrize is built with the foresightedness of our visionary leaders to bridge the IT industry gaps with our affordable solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission for Covrize, is to be a people-centric and performance-led organization, where our collective drive fuels a transformative journey toward excellence.

Mission of Covrize
Principles of Covrize

Our vision extends beyond mere innovation. We strive to blaze new trails, not only in technology but also in nurturing our human resources. Empowering them to reach their fullest potential, we create a harmonious synergy of technical prowess and creative excellence.

Our Ethics

WE do not accept the work we cannot do.

WE do not accept the work which we can do but the client can’t Utilize it.

Our success aligns with your success

WE deliver what we commit

Relationship cines before business

Our Strategy to help you get the Best Results

Covrize is aiming to not only deliver best-in-class services but also to overcome cultural and technical boundaries.

WE provide services for both small-scale as well as large-scale companies across the world.

And to do that we have laid out our philosophy, which includes

  • WE take complete responsibility for the projects that we decide to take on.
  • Our belief in transparency to explain the pros and cons related to any detail in a project.
  • Dedicated team of technical experts that works exclusively on your projects.
  • Affordable services as compared to most IT outsourcing companies in India.
  • Best techniques for your projects to help you achieve the desired results.
  • Our Smart Team Concept enables you to build cost effective and sustainable Development teams in India.

Our Values

Our Value System is built around Seven Key Pillars


Trust and understanding drive our relationship with the people in our company. From the moment they started working in our organization, WE put our faith in them. We feel that an employee’s identity and method of working are influenced by their freedom.


WE value the time and effort that our team dedicates to us. We value the fact that our company has a diverse work culture in terms of team background and education.


WE believe that transparency is essential for a strong team and company culture. We strive to communicate openly and honestly with our team members about their professional aspirations. We believe that this approach helps to improve team engagement, create a more positive work environment, and encourage creativity.


WE are enthusiastic about our organization and want to instill that enthusiasm in our people through our workplace culture. We encourage employee participation and provide opportunities for innovation.


WE believe that gratitude is the foundation of strong, lasting relationships. We are humble about our achievements, give credit where credit is due, acknowledge others’ successes, and learn from our mistakes. We believe that these values are important not only for our team, but also for society as a whole.


WE encourage our staff to speak out about any concern, no matter how insignificant it may appear. Any employee is welcome to bring anything he or she likes or dislikes about the company and its culture to the table, and we wholeheartedly welcome new ideas.


Together, WE cherish the bond of teamwork that unites our team. We deeply appreciate the camaraderie that fills our company’s culture, where every member is always willing to lend a hand, fostering a nurturing atmosphere where collaboration thrives and achievement blossoms. 

Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Covrize

WE believe that the organization will only grow if everyone associated with it also grows.

Team of Covrize

WE strive to provide our clients with value beyond monetary terms, through knowledge and experience that helps them succeed.

Family of Covrize

WE ensure that everyone has a positive working experience with us and that everyone is treated fairly.

Employee of Covrize

WE value our employees and provide greater transparency to our investors.

Work Culture of Covrize

Our Team’s Certifications

Our Expertise

Our Partners


Covrize provides software development, product engineering, and IT outsourcing services to help businesses achieve their goals.

The team at Covrize consists of highly skilled leaders with an average experience of 22 years in software development, product engineering, and IT outsourcing solutions.

Yes, we offer customized solutions bespoke to meet each client's specific needs and requirements.

No, we accept projects of any size from small startups to large enterprises looking for comprehensive software development or IT outsourcing solutions.

Absolutely! Our experts will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote based on your project’s scope and timeline after discussing it further with you during a free consultation session or call/video conference meeting if required.

Yes, we follow a well-defined process that includes research & analysis, designing, development, testing & deployment phases ensuring high-quality results every time.

Access Your Company’s Potential & Find Out Possibilities For Success.