Individual efforts can bring excellence, but only collective efforts can deliver

Covrize Celebration

Our Journey

Born from a vision to fill voids in the IT industry, Covrize was formed with a commitment to provide best-in-class services built on transformative strategies.

Led by experienced leaders who mastered their craft and identified the industry’s missing pieces, we’ve expanded across five continents in a short span. Delivering transformative projects, we’ve earned the trust of diverse clients, from corporations to agile startups.

Our unwavering commitment to overcoming complex challenges is how we want to position ourselves as a reliable partner. As we gradually keep growing, inspired by our leaders’ passion and vision, we aim to remain committed to delivering exceptional services and exploring new horizons, leaving a trail of meaningful contributions.

How the Journey Unfolded


Formation of application development division for Scanpoint product development


Started development of Smart City projects


Started development of GIS projects


Formalization of Covrize for the application development unit


Entered into IT outsourcing


Entered the APAC, North America region, Formation of staff augmentation service 

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in battle

To reach a goal, one must have a foresighted vision, and the ability to strive harder towards it and to fulfill ours, we certainly have a focused one. 

Vision of Covrize


To be an Employee-led
Customer Centric organization​
Providing Platform​
To talented Human Capital​
To apply their IT skills​
In the Right Direction and thereby​
Creating Growth for Every Stakeholder


Our Mission for Covrize is to be a people-centric and performance-led organization, where our collective drive fuels a transformative journey toward excellence.


Our Core Team 


Varixkumar Patel

Founder, and CEO


Zalak Shah

Vice President – Software Development 


Dipti Agravat

Project management, People, Processes


Bhaumik Khatri

Microsoft Tech, Software Architecture


Naimish Ravrani

Data Engineering


Open Source Expertise


Imran Mirza

Sales Specialist


Rahul Thapar

Advisor, Consultant, Mentor – OD


What does Covrize mean?

Covrize is a shorthand of “Collective We Rise,” reflecting our philosophy. We believe that as each person grows, we all grow together through learning and teamwork. When our employees thrive, it creates a positive impact that extends to our clients. We believe that together, we can build a landscape of shared success. 

What sets Covrize apart from others?

At Covrize, we’re different because we blend your business goals into every step of our work. Unlike other IT firms, we don’t just handle your project; we focus on your business objective. We believe success benefits everyone involved. Our strong commitment to putting your project goals first means we provide solutions centered around you, benefiting you at a larger level.  

How does Covrize manage time zones effectively as an ODC in India?

Covrize benefits from India’s location and time zone advantages. We can start work as early as 6 AM and finish as late as 10 PM. Our location is one of the safest in India due to liquor prohibition, adding security for our employees. When we start early, we cover Australia in 5-6 hours, and for Europe, we work a bit later. In extreme cases, we manage 2-3 hours of the western side of the USA. Our clients, currently in the USA, Europe, and the APAC Region, never have complaints about our availability. Plus, our flexible hybrid work policy lets us schedule meetings in global time zones to handle urgent situations. 

How secure are projects in Covrize's hybrid work culture?

We prioritize the security of projects in our hybrid work culture. While the majority work from the office, our flexible approach covers working time zones with remote work. We implement robust physical, logical, and legal measures, including firewalls, VPNs, and cybersecurity policies, to safeguard client data and intellectual property. 

How does Covrize approach projects in almost-failed states?

Unlike most organizations, Covrize dares to take on projects in challenging states and ensure successful completion. We fearlessly tackle failed projects, either making them succeed or advising clients to scrap them. Our commitment to your success drives us to understand your challenges, suggest solutions, and take ownership of our work. 

In which part of India does Covrize operate?

Covrize is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India—a strategically advantageous location due to its manageable cost of living compared to major metro cities in India. Our operational decisions are guided by factors such as cost-effectiveness, transportation convenience, and extensive time zone coverage. This allows us to deliver efficient services while offering flexibility to cater to our global clients. 

How does Covrize ensure quality control and achieve a 0% failure rate in projects?

Covrize maintains quality control by carefully selecting projects and transparently communicating the entire process to clients. With an internal Management Information System (MIS), we track and analyze project data and progress, ensuring excellence in project execution. Our approach allows clients to make informed decisions, minimizing risks.  

Our Values



At Covrize, trust and understanding are the cornerstones of our relationships. From day one, we invest our faith in our people, believing that freedom unlocks their true potential and shapes their unique contributions.



We are enthusiastic about our organization and want to instill that enthusiasm in our people through our workplace culture. We encourage employee participation and provide opportunities for innovation.



WE value the time and effort our team dedicates to us. We respect the fact that our company has a diverse work culture in terms of team background and education.



We believe that gratitude is a must for building strong, enduring relationships. We are humble in our success, crediting others for their victories, and learning from our own mistakes. These values guide us, not just within our team, but for the greater good.



We prioritize transparency, fostering open communication and honesty with our team members about their professional ambitions. This approach fuels engagement cultivates a positive environment and ignites creativity.



WE encourage our staff to speak out any concern, no matter how insignificant it may appear. Any employee is welcome to bring anything he or she likes or dislikes about the company and its culture to the table, and we wholeheartedly welcome new ideas.



Together, WE cherish the bond of teamwork. We deeply appreciate the camaraderie that fills our company’s culture, where every member is always willing to lend a hand, fostering a nurturing atmosphere where collaboration thrives and achievement blossoms.  blossoms.

We firmly believe that solutions arise only from clear conversations

Our thoughts are what makes us different - Our Philosophy

WE believe that the organization will only grow if everyone associated with it also grows. 

Team Covrize working towards a goal

WE ensure that everyone has a positive working experience with us and that everyone is treated fairly.

WE value our employees and provide greater transparency to our investors.

WE strive to provide our clients with value beyond monetary terms, through knowledge and experience that helps them succeed.

Understanding Vision through conversations

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