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Covrize Intro Image - IT Outsourcing Company

Team of 40 engineers

How can we help you?

Starts from

$2500 US


On-time project delivery


failed projects

Covrize Intro Image - IT Outsourcing Company

Team of 40 engineers

How can we help you?

Who We Are?

Covrize – Collective We Rise! 

A young IT company formed with a passion for providing solutions that transform businesses. 

Clients, Stakeholders, and Employees – We aim for collective growth!

What does Covrize mean?

Covrize is a shorthand of “Collective We Rise,” reflecting our philosophy. We believe that as each person grows, we all grow together through learning and teamwork. When our employees thrive, it creates a positive impact that extends to our clients. We believe that together, we can build a landscape of shared success. 

What sets Covrize apart from others?

At Covrize, we’re different because we blend your business goals into every step of our work. Unlike other IT firms, we don’t just handle your project; we focus on your business objective. We believe success benefits everyone involved. Our strong commitment to putting your project goals first means we provide solutions centered around you, benefiting you at a larger level.

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Power BI
Power Automate
Power Apps
Node Js

What We Do 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services meticulously crafted to propel your business into the future.

Custom Software Development
Data Engineering
Product Reengineering
Digital Transformation
Project Management Consultancy
Project Rescue/Management
Set Up An ODC

Develop bespoke software solutions that precisely meet your business requirements. Our expert developers leverage the latest technologies to create scalable, high-performance applications, ensuring seamless integration with your workflows.

Harness the power of your business data with our data engineering services. We specialize in building robust data pipelines, optimizing data storage, and implementing efficient processing solutions for actionable insights and informed decision-making.

Modernize and upgrade your existing products for enhanced performance. Our reengineering services focus on upgrading technology stacks, improving scalability, and optimizing user interfaces, breathing new life into outdated software products.

Drive innovation and competitiveness through strategic digital transformation. We guide businesses in adopting the latest technologies, optimizing processes, and enhancing customer experiences, ensuring a seamless transition into the digital era.

We provide a meticulous feasibility check, strategic roadmap development, precise prototyping, detailed BRF/FRS and use case articulation, and thorough cost estimation and project planning for projects to provide precision and ensure success through our expertise.

We specialize in rescuing projects that are on the brink of failure. Our experienced team takes over the projects at risk and employs proven methodologies, resolving project challenges efficiently and ensuring successful delivery within defined timelines and objectives.

Establish a dynamic Offshore Development Center (ODC) with Covrize. Hire developers to build your remote team, streamline development for faster time-to-market, scale your team seamlessly, and access global talent cost-effectively.

Our experience extends across industries





Discover how we break down ambitious objectives into measurable key results

We don’t just develop solutions, we build trust

We understand the importance of ROI.

We don’t own project, we own your business goals.

Our experience helps you build things faster.

We dont create dependencies, we resolve it

Start Your Journey with Collaborative Minds

Our solutions blend technical expertise with a progressive mindset, our thoughts are what help us deliver better solutions.

Join the Conversation Where Ideas Collide and Tech Unfolds

Get the latest updates from the world of technology, and our lives at Covrize.

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These words are how we define our success

Client Testimonial Charlie


Tech Consultant


About my experience working with Covrize, the team was a pleasure to work with. They are true professionals, and extremely patient with my many changing requests. They provided solid solutions to my job requirements and took the time to explain everything and ensure that I understood the details of the solution. In the future, I plan to work with them and the team regularly.


CEO, Tech Company

South Korea

Working with Covrize was like having a reliable team by our side ready to tackle any challenge. They handled our projects with precision, consistently exceeding our expectations. Even late nights couldn’t dim their enthusiasm, and their open communication kept us feeling like valued partners. 

Client Testimonial Tony

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