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when it’s SHARED

Covrize as a Partner

The technology-driven business environment is getting more dynamic and complex every day, making it impossible for non-technical businesses (individuals, SMEs, and agencies) to remain relevant. In such cases, it is best to outsource certain skills and activities to a specialist or domain-specific teams.

However, it is critical for businesses to adapt, and a trusted partner can surely assist firms in increasing revenues by delivering all services under one roof while reducing overhead costs.

Partnering with Covrize is the right choice for your Business

With 50+ years of combined experience, WE at Covrize are well-versed in the needs of technical and nontechnical businesses. With our thoughtful business approaches, we can help you rise your revenue bars.

  • Never-ending quest to boost revenue and profit margins without increasing operational costs.
  • Avoid missing out on business chances as we provide as many services as possible under one roof.
  • Get to work with a single reliable partner team rather than several channels or freelancers.
  • Partnering with us reduces your tech partner’s dependability and transparency.
  • Get specialists to handle the complexities of technology while you can focus on core activities and business development.

Partner with us – Choose what’s best!

White-Label Partnership

In this arrangement, the partner can provide all of Covrize’s services to its clients without them being aware that an offshore team exists. While Covrize serves as a backend partner, the partner communicates with the end client and handles billing and Covrize teams maintains the confidentiality.

Strategic MOU

Under this partnership, the potential partner signs an MOU designating Covrize as its official technology and offshore partner. This MOU enables the partner to scale the size of the team while simultaneously providing services via Covrize as an offshore team or office in India.

Strategic Technology Partnership

In this model, the client hires both the partner and Covrize for the projects and distributes the work between them. For example, the project manager may be provided by the partner, while the development team is provided by Covrize. The client is billed separately by each team.

Exclusive Services Offered by Covrize

Dedicated POC

Covrize offers dedicated account managers (for commercials) and project managers to its partners, who often adhere to a comfortable time window based on their geo-location. These managers have excellent communication skills with their partners, ensuring the best possible experience.

Information Security and Integrity

Covrize adopts stringent NDA and MOU formats in such partnership agreements, requiring people on its payroll to sign legal non-disclosure agreements with time-bound obligations, assuring strong integrity for teams and project managers working with partners.

Bridging the Tech Gap

We recognize that the majority of our partners will not be involved in technology or business operations. We make every effort to assign the most appropriate resources to such tasks. To ensure timely delivery, project managers ensure comprehensive technical consultation and a focus on the industrial domain involved in the project.

A Quality-Driven Organization

Covrize recognizes the value of each project that its partners undertake. All of its resources are focused on achieving the organization’s goal of creating a positive experience for its clients and partners.

WE invite you to connect with our team of experts for a complimentary consultation.