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Covrize as your tech Partner

At Covrize, we forge a close partnership with our clients, working shoulder-to-shoulder toward our shared goals and operating at maximum efficiency to transfer essential capabilities.  

This collaborative effort empowers them to control their growth trajectory and propels us towards mutual growth. 

What it's like having a tech partner like us

We, at Covrize, possess a deep understanding of the requirements unique to both technical and non-technical businesses. Our business approaches can help you raise your revenue bars. 


Maximize Profit, Minimize Costs

Relentlessly increase revenue without escalating operational expenses. 


All-in-One Services

Don’t miss opportunities—access a full spectrum of services under one roof. 


Reliable Partnership

Work with one reliable partner instead of managing multiple channels or freelancers. 


Enhanced Dependability

Reduce reliance on tech partners, ensuring transparency and reliability. 


Complete Ownership

Let us handle complexities, so that you can focus on core activities and business development. 

Covrize as your tech Partner

Choose a partner who gets your business goals!

Choose the kind of partner you want us to be!

White Label Partnership

White-Label Partnership

In this arrangement, the partner can provide all our services to its clients without them being aware that an offshore team exists. While Covrize serves as a backend partner, the partner communicates with the end client and handles billing and Covrize teams maintain confidentiality. 

Strategic MOU

Strategic MOU

Under this partnership, the potential partner signs an MOU designating Covrize as its official technology and offshore partner. This MOU enables the partner to scale the size of the team while simultaneously providing services via Covrize as an offshore team or office in India. 

Strategic Technology Partnership

Strategic Technology Partnership

In this model, the client hires both the partner and Covrize for the projects and distributes the work between them. For example, the project manager may be provided by the partner, while the development team is provided by Covrize. The client is billed separately by each team. 

Exclusive Services we offer to our partners

Partner with us to get more than just IT Solutions 

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